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Welcome to GMP Farms

GMP Farm Mission

To care for livestock in an exceptional manor, by providing quality free range natural vegetation though rotational grazing, as to produce an exceptional animal that has realized its natural potential with a strong maternal desire.

GMP Farm provides Kiko Goats and Barbados Black Belly sheep for breeding stock, meat, and starter herds. All livestock are rotated though paddocks across 40 acers as the season permits. All livestock are expected to be parasite resistant, have strong maternal instincts, birth once a year unassisted, and raise heathy kids/lambs to a weight of 40 to 50lbs at 90days. Through strict data collection over the past 7 years GMP Farms can provide quality livestock that we are proud of.

Kiko Goats
I started off the same as most of you, by purchasing a small starter herd and then picking up a few here and there at the breeder actions, I added our last doe in 2018. The entire goat herd tested negative in 2021 for CL, CAE, and Johne’s, we consider our herd to be a closed herd.

Our first herd sire is, Keepers Hope he is one of my home-grown bucks sired out of the Keeper line and Rolling Meadows 81 (Mr. Speckles) on the dam side. He adds size, has never needed deworming, good hoofs and a good demeaner. He is the type of buck I was hoping to produce. Many of his offspring were sold as breeding stock. In addition, my 90-day weening weights have increased, he is the real deal.

Our second herd sire was brought to the farm in 2019, I call him Phil (duck Dynasty) because of his exceptional beard. He has never needed to be dewormed, excellent hoofs, he has the length I was looking for. His genetics are off the chart. He is double bred Sunboy Stanton 149 on the GGG side, Nick, and white night. On the dam side he has Gloria, Nissie, and Marriah, these does are real powerhouse that have produced award winning offspring.

Barbados’s Black Belly Sheep (hair sheep)
The starter flock was purchased in 2018 and consisted of five pre-bred ewes and one unrelated ram. This was a great start because we would eventually have three separate breeding lines to pull from. In the time I have owned these sheep they have never needed deworming, never need a hoof trim, and their maternal instincts are the very best.

What to expect
These sheep are simply survivors. They provide 2 lambs each year, triplets are not uncommon, they birth unassisted, and require minimal human intervention. I provide, clean water, salt, mineral blocks, and good hay throughout the winter months. They will ween off their lambs at 90 days on the males and 120 days on the females with an approximate weening weight of 40 to 50 pounds. The mothers (Ewes) will have their offspring up and following them in just a few hours, these sheep are extremely hardy.